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Kelowna Water Damage& Mold Removal

Our team handles projects of all types and size; from small residential projects to large commercial jobs.

Restore Water Damaged Kelowna Homes and Businesses

While water is an essential part of our survival, it can sometimes cause severe property damage and even harm our health and well-being. Water damage is a significant hazard for property owners everywhere as it can rot or swell wood, allow mold or bacteria to grow, and rust steel structures.

This damage requires specialized technicians, equipment and supplies in order to safely fix the devastation for property owners. The sooner we are called to inspect the property the less of a catastrophe to the home or building and the quicker your property can be returned to normal.

Damage Restoration Services

  • Backed up Sewers

  • Flood Water Drainage

  • Mold Removal

  • Storm Damage

  • Broken Pipes

  • Structural Repairs

  • Flooded Basements


Every house, condo or commercial structure has to be assessed individually for us to estimate the time and equipment required to clean up debris and refurbish the walls, ceiling or floors. The structural problems and the contamination both have to be evaluated.

How We Start

Restoring property after water damage is an elaborate process. The first step is to calling Kelowna Water Damage Restoration and we will send a specialist to inspect your current situation.

Our technicians will survey your property's contamination levels and structural integrity to eliminate the likelihood of further damage. Formulating a course of action and delivering a quote. When you agree we will start immediately.

Our team will then begin water removal using the appropriate equipment, usually powerful vacuums, and water pumps. After removing water and wet material, they will dry and dehumidify the property using specialized blowers and equipment to ensure no moisture remains. The property is then cleaned and sanitized including antimicrobial sanitation and mold removal to get rid of possible health hazards. When clean and dry the damaged areas will be refurbished.

Water Damage and Mold Restoration

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Replacing Dry Wall

Experts recommend that water damaged drywall be replaced as it tends to lose its structural capabilities. Wet drywall is an optimal site for mold infestation as it bears the necessary conditions for its survival. While you can dry it out, it may no longer be as sturdy and could result in structural problems.


Painting over the damaged drywall or using repair compounds may seem like an affordable solution but only provides a temporary fix. You can only apply these measures to slightly affected drywall for the best results.

Mold Removal

Mold removal often requires professional intervention to ensure the complete eradication of infestation in your home. Our experts have acquired the ability to pinpoint infestation areas accurately and identify the most appropriate control measure to be taken.


Mold also tends to pose a health risk to people with allergies and other underlying respiratory conditions. The accompanying risks make it necessary for property owners to seek professional help and avoid DIY solutions. Our professionals are equipped to handle mold removal safely.

Home & Business Sanitazion

Professional disinfecting and sanitizing services rid your home of microbial pathogens. Home sanitization can require industrial approved products to produce the safest results. Professional service is a more effective way of guaranteeing that your home is free of disease-causing microbes.


The ongoing pandemic makes it necessary for homeowners everywhere to protect their loved ones by frequently sanitizing their home. After a point, DIY solutions may not measure up to the apparent problem. This dilemma prompts the search for an efficient solution to home sanitation.


Kelowna Water Damage Restoration offers tailored sanitization services to homeowners to help in eradicating microbial threats from your home. Our team uses specialized methods and equipment to ensure your home is thoroughly sanitized.


It would be best if you also checked or replaced your HVAC filter, as recommended by the CDC, to make sure contaminated air does not flow into your home unnoticed. With a professional sanitization service, you are protected from COVID and any other disease-causing pathogens.

Frozen Pipes

Water tends to expand when it freezes. Water pipes are usually under high pressure, which only worsens as they freeze and the water inside them solidifies and expands. Consequently, these pipes are a danger for your basement as they can crack and break under such pressure.


Once these pipes burst, call immediately. The sooner we shut the pipe off and bring in the pumps to remove the water and clean up the mess the less costly the repairs will be.

Flooded Basement

Professional disinfecting and sanitizing services rid your home of microbial pathogens. Home sanitization can require industrial approved products to produce the safest results. Professional service is a more effective way of guaranteeing that your home is free of disease-causing microbes.

Sewage Back Up

Signs of Sewer Backup

1. Foul sewage smells emanating from the drains.

2. Bubbles and noises from your toilet or drain

3. Several drains around your house are clogged.

4. Opening one water point causes water to back up in other water points.

5. Having trouble with flushing the toilets

Cleaning Sewage Backup

Once you realize sewage back up, evacuate high-risk individuals such as kids and pets to avoid contamination. You will need to turn off all power, gas, and water to your homes to keep the situation from escalating.


The accumulated sewage water will need to be treated using disinfectant or bleach and then pumped out. The accumulated debris and dirt will also need to be safely collected and disposed of. The area of the incident will then need to be thoroughly washed down and disinfected.

Fire Damage Restoration

An assessment of the property is the first step to determine the amount of damage and the structural integrity. Our technicians will tarp and seal the areas to be protected.

Clean up and removal of smoke, soot, debris and dust, before repairs can be made to ceiling, walls and flooring

Disaster Restoration

Much like emergency services, disaster restoration companies are typically first responders to damaged properties. They attend to property damage either by fire or water. Their role is to quickly assess the situation and take immediate action to try and restore the property to its initial condition.

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